Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teachers Write 6/26 Quick Write

 Today's quick write prompt is a multi-media prompt.  The assignment was to find an image of a person and to begin to develop the character from that image by also finding songs that would represent the character.  I will focus on the girl in the image here.

The girl in this image has long brown hair, and brown eyes.  She is beautiful and has a round face with a long nose.  She is a smart girl and works hard in school.  Her passion is music and many people do not know this about her.  She has been playing the cello since she was 6 years old.   At this moment in time she is sitting on this boat furiously hoping that this friend of hers will realize that she is crazy about him and kiss her.  She doesn't want to look too interested in him and so she is pretending to be content to sit and contemplate the horizon.  She does not want to be too hopeful because she has messed up friendships in the past by reading signals wrong.  This friend of hers just lost his dad a month ago so she is trying to be there for him without adding pressure to his situation.

External Song: James Taylor   You've Got a Friend

Internal Songs: Bonnie Raitt  Something to Talk About   Cello Suite No.1-- Bach

As she stared into the distance, Katie couldn't help but feel a tickle of anticipation.  Surely Taylor was feeling something too.  They had been spending a lot of time together since his dad died.  She had been there at the hospital, through the awful next days at the house, and through the whole funeral.  She had not left his side.  Everyone said what a great friend she was, but she wanted more.  She peeked at Taylor, he seemed so deep in thought.  Katie wondered if he was thinking the same thing that she was.  She knew she should say something, but she couldn't.  It had been so awful when she lost Chris' friendship.  She had read that situation wrong and made a move at the wrong time.  What followed was awkward and horrible.  She could not do that to Taylor...not when he had just gone through this awful time.  On the other hand, they could have something amazing if he felt the same.  Katie wished she had her cello with her.  When she was playing her music nothing seemed impossible.  This opportunity was surely the one she had been waiting for.  They had hardly had any time alone lately with all of Taylor's relatives around and his mother so worried about him.


  1. First, I love the song choices. They reflect my high school experience quite well. I feel the mellowness of their friendship and the sadness of the situation. I'm kind of interested in her song about Chris... was that something completely different?

    Keep writing, I for one would read on.

  2. You've left me hanging! I'm guessing he's not going to be interested and she'll get lost in her music.
    Thanks for reading my blog post-you are the first to comment on my writing since writing camp started! Of course, I haven't posted every day either so that could be why.
    I felt connected to you when I read you said you don't have a WIP. I am in the same boat and Gae actually gave me an idea I'm trying to grasp onto. She said to try to ground all of my writing assignments around one concept or object so everything feels more connected. I chose fitness and my obsession with exercise (and sometimes disappointment with myself when I'm not "good enough"). I thought I could make it work, then I did today's assignment with the intention of making my character Jim watching a bike race I was in and he took on a life of his own! Thanks for listening.