Sunday, March 29, 2015

Slice of Life: Author Visit with Jennifer Holland 3/29

I am participating again this year in the Slice of Life challenge in which we write a slice every day in March. If you are interested in joining in, visit the Two Writing Teachers blog for more information.

This week, I was lucky enough to have another author visit at my school. Jennifer Holland came to speak to my students about her new book Unlikely Heroes as well as her other books and her magazine articles. Ms. Holland is a staff writer for National Geographic magazine and she travels the world learning about animals.  

I was so excited to have her visit our school and share all about her work.  The students were enthralled with the stories about the animal friendships and the animal heroes that she wrote about. When we had a chance for questions, the students all clamored for her attention and were super excited for her to answer their questions. 

I loved having Jennifer Holland visit our school. I am still so incredibly moved that I am able to have such great authors visit our school and give my students these experiences with great writers. 

Find out more about Jennifer Holland on her website here.


  1. Author visits are so, so, special for kids! They will never forget this day!

  2. What an amazing experience for both students and teachers! Wow! What a wonderful opportunity. It sound like you took full advantage of it!