Monday, March 23, 2015

Slice of Life: Monday Poem 3/23

I am participating again this year in the Slice of Life challenge in which we write a slice every day in March. If you are interested in joining in, visit the Two Writing Teachers blog for more information.

Thought I would try a poem tonight. I don't remember where I saw this idea, but I loved the playful form of two word lines. It was a challenge to stick to only two words for some lines. It is definitely something I will try again.


Bone Tired
Get up
Dress Well
Drink Coffee
Hurry up
Plan well
Make copies
Organize papers
Log in
Check mail
Greet students
Give directions
Repeat myself
Repeat myself
Repeat myself
Deliver lesson
Answer questions
Listen in
Blow whistle
Clap Hands
Line up
Eat lunch
Become genius
Read aloud
Confer quietly
Sort words
Remind students
Repeat myself
Repeat myself
Repeat myself
Line up
Find bathroom
Quick Meeting
Gym over
Walk back
Quiet writing
Homework directions
Line up
Say goodnight
Exhausted teacher
Yoga time
Clean more
Cook dinner
Read e-mail
Write blog
Must rest
Sweet dreams

1 comment:

  1. Ah, yes, the repeating yourself when talking to students. I get it. It's the same way with our own children, isn't it?

    Hope today included a little less repeating!