Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Slice of Life: Searching for answers 3/10

I am participating again this year in the Slice of Life challenge in which we write a slice every day in March.  If you are interested in joining in, visit the Two Writing Teachers blog for more information.

Have you ever had one of those situations that seems like it will never get resolved? That is my experience during the last several weeks. I thought that I was having another episode of Diverticulitis. It felt exactly like it did this summer. I went to my doctor and got antibiotics. I spent a week taking the meds and did not feel any better. So I went back to my doctor and then to urgent care. After a battery of tests and a switch of medication, I went to the gastroenterologist. I found out that my CT scan was normal and I do not have Diverticulitis. Although this is good news, I still don't have an explanation for what is wrong with me.

On Monday, I called the neurologist because I thought that it might be a flare up of Multiple Sclerosis. The nurses there were pretty sure that this type of symptom would not be related to the MS. So, I am back to the drawing board.

I am so fatigued and worn out and it is so hard to get through the day at school, much less all the extra paperwork we are expected to do.

I am just hoping for an answer soon. (Or for the symptoms to stop so that I feel healthy again)


  1. Oh, my, it is sometimes so difficult to pinpoint the problem. I pray you find the solution very soon.

  2. It's so frustrating when you're undiagnosed. Hope you get some answers and feel better soon!