Sunday, March 15, 2015

Slice of Life: Let's Go to the Movies 3/15

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For fifteen years, Ramon and I have loved watching and critiquing films together. We enjoy the kind of movies that really make you think and we love animated movies. For many years, we have not gone to the movie theater because of the prices. For some reason, we chose to believe that spending that much money on a ticket to a movie was just not worth it when we could watch films for very little money at home. In the last couple of months, my husband and I re-discovered the fun of going to the movies.

There were two major things that happened that got us interested in going to the theaters again. First, a beautiful cinema opened up in our neighborhood. A great business owner restored and remodeled a movie theater that had been closed for many years. The Avalon theater is so gorgeous inside.

There is a lounge and bar in the theater and waiters are there to serve you during the movie. The seats are extremely comfortable leather chairs with a nice tray table that you can use for your snacks. Going to this fabulous place made the money spent on movie tickets worthwhile. So right before Oscar time, we were able to watch both American Sniper and The Imitation Game. (I highly recommend the latter by the way) We watched the Academy Awards with so much more interest this year.

The second thing that happened was a gift card. My sister and her husband gave us a gift certificate to Marcus theaters. That was such a thoughtful gift because they knew that we don't often go to the theater anymore. This weekend, we went to our usual movie theater and discovered that they are remodeling and have beautiful leather reclining seats now too. I was so excited to see Kingsman. Colin Firth is my Hollywood crush and I was looking forward to seeing him in a different type of role. We loved the movie, although if you don't like violence or crude humor it is not for you. I think the movie was similar to a Quentin Tarentino film. The dark humor abounds. We had such a nice date night and will definitely be going back to see other movies in the future. (We might even get there on a Tuesday for $5 movie night)

Since we rekindled our love of cinema, we have been watching amazing movies at home too. My husband has been busy requesting DVDs from our public library and we also rent some movies. My favorites lately were A Hundred-Foot Journey, 12 Years a Slave, Whiplash, Big Hero 6 and The Theory of Everything. I have to say that I really agree that the actors who won Oscars deserved them, and the nominations were all well-deserved also.

I love that these few things happened to bring us back to something that we enjoy. Being an avid reader makes me love a good story and a good film can bring that story to life so well. Having a spouse who enjoys discussing films is priceless. I hope we will continue to go to the movies and that we won't forget how much we enjoy it ever again.

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  1. I feel the same way about the price. I love love love movies, but man...those tickets! So glad you're enjoying that rekindled flame :) I hope to get to the movies in the next few weeks because our local theater is doing free teacher tickets! Now we just need a babysitter :)