Thursday, March 5, 2015

Slice of Life: Dog Snuggles 3/5

I am participating again this year in the Slice of Life challenge in which we write a slice every day in March.  If you are interested in joining in, visit the Two Writing Teachers blog for more information.

This morning, my dog was extra cuddly. I have been home sick from school for 4 days now, and she seems to know that I am still not feeling well. I love how pets are so intuitive about how you are feeling. Carmela draped herself over me and snuggled right up to me all day.  It made me feel so much more positive.

I love having a dog. Even though there are sometimes situations like this:

It is worth the extra clean up to have the doggie snuggles every day.


  1. We didn't want another dog, but I sure enjoy her. Now that we crate her and she hasn't eaten my Kindle again I like her even more.

    1. The worst thing that my dog ate was my fitbit. I am sure glad she hasn't eaten my Kindle.

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  3. Such a cutie, your Carmela! Wow, never imagined dogs eating Kindles and fitbits!